Episode 24: Horrifically Underrated

Bret, David, and Alan each chose a movie they felt was underrated, and had their horror cohorts watch and dissect it. Alan picked 1981’s The Burning, Bret selected 2003’s High Tension, and David went with 2015’s The Final Girls. Did they all agree that these films are indeed, underrated, or are they all full of crap?

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  1. Lorrell
    February 19, 2019

    GREAT THEME for this episode!

    I owe The Burning a viewing, as I have not heard of this one, so thank you for the referral. I feel it might even better imagining the Diceman voicing all the roles in this, though. Maybe you could provide a voiceover reading?

    High Tension is one of those that actually surprised me with the twist. I usually poo-poo twists like this, but I felt it was really well done in this one. I hear what you guys are saying about backtracking as to how some things don’t make sense, but I understood it to be that while she was performing those actions of the killer, she was not seeing it through the killers eyes, but as an outsider watching. I think we could go on about this point, though…still, really like this one.

    The Final Girls is a gem of a film that checks all the boxes for me. It’s multi-genre, has a great story, and has something that you don’t find in a film like this very often: HEART. The mother/daughter dynamic is also a strong point for me. Again, another great performance by a Farmiga sister, and oh, how I adore this film. Thank you for also recognizing its greatness, David. I knew you was cool. OH!

    Farmiga fan.

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