In The Flesh

Although we’re a podcast, we also exist in the physical world. It’s the damndest thing.

If you’d like to meet us, good news: the feeling is mutual! We love making new friends and chatting with fellow horror fans.

Here are the shows we’re planning to attend in 2020. These are all tentative (except Mad Monster, which is in our backyard). If you’d like to meet up, please drop us a line… or just look for the guys who look like us. They’re probably us… unless they’re not.

*left to right in above photo: Alan, David, Barbara Crampton, and Bret

Days of the Dead – March 20-22, 2020 – Las Vegas, NV

Texas Frightmare – May 1-3, 2020 – Dallas, TX

MonsterpaloozaMay 8-10, 2020 – Pasadena, CA

Mad Monster Party – June 19-21, 2020 – Glendale, AZ

Flashback Weekend – July 31-August 2, 2020 – Chicago, IL

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