If you dig the opening and closing music of our podcast episodes/YouTube videos, that’s David and his bandmate, Aaron Moya.

They’ve sprinkled lots of additional compositions throughout many of our episodes/videos, and the soundtrack is available pretty much everywhere music is streamed (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.).

Just search “Aaron Moya & David Thompson,” and you should find it – along with their other albums.

You can also stream the soundtrack for free here, on YouTube Music.

If physical media is more your thing, you can order a CD on demand, through Amazon, here, for $9.98 (plus shipping, if applicable).

Want a signed copy? Sure thing! Just message us here and we’ll hook you up! $20 shipped for David’s signature on the cover, or $25 for both David and Aaron Moya (which covers gas for David’s drive to Aaron’s house while he shamelessly belts out “Lookout Weekend” by Debbie Deb at red lights).

Want Bret’s signature on there, too, because “why the hell not?” You bet! $30 shipped for the trio.

Same deal applies to any other albums in the Moya/Thompson catalog (sans Bret’s signature), subject to availability – just ask!