If you dig the opening and closing music of our podcast episodes/YouTube videos, that’s David and his bandmate, Aaron Moya.

They’ve sprinkled lots of additional compositions throughout many of our episodes/videos, and the soundtrack is available pretty much everywhere music is streamed (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.).

Just search “Aaron Moya & David Thompson,” and you should find it – along with their other albums.

You can also stream the soundtrack for free here, on YouTube Music.

If physical media is more your thing, you can order a CD on demand, through Amazon, here, for $9.98 (plus shipping, if applicable).

Want a signed copy? Sure thing! Just message us here and we’ll hook you up! $20 shipped for David’s signature on the cover, or $25 for both David and Aaron.

Same deal applies to any other albums in the Moya/Thompson catalog, subject to availability – just ask!