Episode 110: A Couple of Tools

Bret and David discuss a pair of violent flicks from the first decade of the 2000’s: Saw (2004) and Hatchet (2007).

Then, much like Jigsaw, they play a game of their own by doing the Paqui “One Chip Challenge.” Will they burst into flames, or will they live to fight another day?

Live or die: make your choice.

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  1. John Leavengood
    September 29, 2021

    I actually love both of these. But it did always baffle me how Jigsaw managed to stay perfectly still and silent (with no need to fart or pee or fall asleep) the entire time. Very dramatic on a first viewing, but rather unbelievable when you think about it even a little bit. Still, I love it.

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