Episode 28: Werewolf? There! There, Wolf. There, Podcast!

Bret, David, and Alan introduce a giveaway*, howl at the moon, and discuss two werewolf movies: Ginger Snaps (2000) and Dog Soldiers (2002).

David injects a touch of class into things by regaling his fellow wolves with his own horror-film-inspired haiku poetry.

They laughed and they cried. Enlightenment was attained. It was lots of fun.

The preceding paragraph was, in fact, a haiku.

*to enter, send us your own haiku about a horror movie that you love. You can reach us on Twitter (@TheSwearwolves), Facebook (The Swearwolves), Instagram (theswearwolvespodcast), our website (www.theswearwolves.com), or email (swearwolvespodcast@gmail.com). The winner will be announced in episode 31.

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  1. March 26, 2019


    Ginger Snaps I had not seen since it was new, so listening to you guys discuss it was interesting, because it had been so long that it felt like I had never seen it. I remember thinking it was alright. Fun side note: Emily Perkins (Brigitte) later was part of an ensemble cast for the great Canadian sitcom Hiccups.

    Please don’t hurt the dog!!!

    Still an enjoyable episode as always, and those haikus! =)

    Bark at the Moon fan.

    • theswearwolves
      March 26, 2019

      Thanks for listening
      We’ll have to check out Hiccups
      This was a haiku

  2. osver
    March 26, 2019

    Haiku 1:
    You are all so wrong
    “Dog Soldiers” wasn’t that good.
    Would not watch again

    Haiku 2:
    All Werewolf movies
    Seem to disappoint, except
    One set in London

    Haiku 3:
    Do you remember
    the Anthology “Cat’s Eye”?
    I used to like that.

    Haiku 3:
    James Wan horror flicks
    Have the best suspense build ups.
    Slow burns not gore fests

    Haiku 4:
    Steven King writes good
    but the movies often suck
    Why is that so true?

    Haiku 5:
    I’m not the biggest
    Horror fan, i must confess,
    Swearwolves is still fun.

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