Episode 17: Celebration of Infestation

Brush up on your pole-vaulting skills, fashion a makeshift flamethrower, and break out your favorite Air Supply album: Bret, David, and Alan are, like, totally buggin’ as they discuss “creepy crawly” movies like Tremors (1990), Slither (2006), and Arachnophobia (1990).

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  1. Lorrell
    January 15, 2019

    Tremors IS a classic, agree! GRABOIDS! Too bad we never got a video game, (cancelled).

    Slither is just amazing, a sort of never known/forgotten gem.

    DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS, so Arachnophobia really creeped me out. I thought it would be good therapy to watch it…I WAS WRONG!

    As far as bug movies go, MIMIC is one of my go-to flicks.

    But what about the use of animatronics in Arachnophobia? 😉

    An Archanophobe.

  2. John Leavengood
    November 7, 2019

    All three movies strike me as quite timeless. Great picks. They certainly hold up better than Slugs or The Nest. lol

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