There’s a Bad Moon on the Rise – Fall 2018

If you’ve found this site, chances are you dig horror.  We do, too.  There are a lot of horror culture podcasts out there, but let’s be honest: most of them are terrible.  We’re not saying ours won’t be, too, but we truly believe that we can deliver the kind of experience that none of the other podcasts are really doing – a comprehensive, immersive show that covers all angles of the horror genre: film, video games, music, conventions, attractions, toys, clothing, etc.

If you’re looking for a niche show, this probably won’t be the podcast for you. If, however, you’re like us and you love practically every angle of horror – from picking up new Halloween decorations in August (and leaving some of them up all year), to watching the same movies over and over again (often categorizing and ranking them), going to conventions and meeting the people behind the films you love, playing horror-themed video games, listening to horror soundtracks/scores, and happily allowing the genre to infiltrate nearly aspect of your life – join us!  Each episode will cover a wide range of topics, with plenty of foul-mouthed banter and tangents in between.

We begin recording in September of 2018, so stay tuned!

The Swearwolves

David, Bret, and Alan


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